Fieldfare Challenge 2012 Winners!!

The 2012 Final was again a very successful event and for the first time it was held at Laches Wood Education Centre in Staffordshire so it was new and exciting to everyone including those that have been coming along to help for years!

Once again we were joined by 6 teams from across the UK and we had a first timer team in Portchester School who were delighted to finally be competing at the Final after entering the Challenge for a number of years, but all the teams came along with the determination to be crowned the Fieldfare Challenge Cup Champions!

After a weekend of hard fought competition from the participants who put their all into every aspect of the Challenge, and battled their wits against Tarquin the Troll, canoed up and down the Union Canal (dodging the canal boats!) and trying to communicate without seeing each other to build a totem pole in 8 large tee-pees – one team had to be crowned the Fieldfare  Challenge Cup Winners 201 and the victors this year are the joint team from Marjorie McClure School and Newstead Wood School, Chislehurst. Congratulations to the team members; Stephanie Brown-Redford, Oliver Mullen, James Bowers, William Ely, Anna Manzo de Zuniga, Darcy D’Wan, Clara Marshall Cawley, Natalie Holloway.  Although the joint schools had teams that had made it to the Final before this is the first team to win the competition and they were worthy winners displaying the best skills in planning, teamwork, game performance and evaluation of their efforts!

This year saw the introduction of two new awards – the Clegg Award which can be awarded to team members, support staff or volunteers (in fact anyone who isn’t a Fieldfare employee!)and is awarded for any outstanding moment of the Challenge.

A retrospective award was given to Langley School for collecting a duck on the Raft game at last year’s Final – the team were the only team to collect a duck and the elation of the game leaders was heard throughout the forest!

The 2012 Clegg Award was awarded to William and James of Marjorie McClure School for the clearly illustrated bond of care and support they have for each other which was demonstrated throughout the Challenge, and pushing their personal limits to their absolute edge.

The inaugural Newman Prize was awarded to St Roses and Thomas Keble School, this award is given to the team who best  managed to bend the rules without breaking them!

The other much sought after prize at the Challenge is the Unity Shield which is awarded at the Final for the team that has been deemed to be the most friendly, unified and integrated throughout the Final.  The winner of the Shield is voted for by the other teams attending the Final and also a selection of volunteers that observe all the teams over the 2 day event.

The Unity Shield Winner 2012 was Notre Dame High School, Sheffield, and it was agreed that the team fully embraced the spirit of the Challenge.

On Saturday night we had our annual You’ve Got Talent competition which again highlighted up some very talented youngsters (and some not so talented oldies!) We were once again entertained by some fantastic street dancing from Luke Formage from Langley School, Vladimir Spoonski (AKA Andy Shipley) got his spoons out again to demonstrate his amazing skill of playing the spoons, but the evening was rounded off by a very heartfelt performance from Natalie Hibbard of Portchester School who sang a solo of the song Ronan, and there was not a dry eye in the house! Needless to say that Natalie bowled everyone including the judges over and she was crowned the winner of the 2012 You’ve Got Talent.

A big congratulations and well done to all the teams that got through to the Fieldfare  Challenge Final, and thank you to all the teachers, helpers, volunteers and Laches Wood staff that made the  2012 Challenge so successful, and we sincerely hope to see you all again at a 2013 Fieldfare  Challenge.

The Fieldfare  Challenge is still seeking a new sponsor and funding. The Fieldfare Trust would be very appreciative of any assistance that can be given achieving this objective and if you can help in any way please contact us on 01334 657708/01788 536653.

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