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“Nearly 30 years have passed since the first Challenge was established, and every year we have tried to put forward a great event for all who take part.   At this moment in time, the Board of Trustees feels that Fieldfare is not in a stable enough financial position to commit to the Challenge heats in the short term as this may compromise the long term future of the organisation.

We remain optimistic that following evaluation on how we can move Fieldfare and the Challenge forward in these challenging times for all charities, we will be able to deliver a Fieldfare Challenge 2014 in some form.  We would ask you for your help and co-operation during this time of transition, and would appreciate all possible support that you may be able to give the Fieldfare Trust. In addition, we would like to thank everyone who has already pledged offers of help and support and we shall be in contact with you all in the very near future once a way forward has been determined.

For any further information, please make contact through

Thanking you for your understanding,

The Fieldfare Trust Board

The Fieldfare Challenge

In our work to encourage access to the countryside we sometimes saw that disabled people were seen as unable to venture into the wider countryside and not able to experience the challenges and benefits of their able bodied peers.  It was this misconception that drove us to start the Kielder Challenge 26 years members in water game on boats

The main objectives of the Fieldfare Trust are to encourage, promote and facilitate greater understanding, enjoyment and integration in the countryside of those that are disabled or disadvantaged in the pursuit of countryside recreation or environmental education opportunities.

The Fieldfare  Challenge meets all those objectives and has sought to enable a wider range of disabled young people to experience and respond to adventure and challenge in the great outdoors.  Rather than treating disabled youngsters as passive recipients of experiences this project works on the basis that everyone, even though they may use a wheelchair or have restricted vision, can benefit from the thrill of overcoming testing problems in a rugged, natural environment.

team members helping each other The Challenge does not accept that disabled young people are not capable of venturing into the wider countryside and just as their non disabled friends they can relish such opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge.  The approach of the Challenge specifically builds on viagra australia the strengths all young people have to work together to face and overcome challenges.  The mixed teams of youngsters with and without disabilities learn much about each other through cooperative interaction in the outdoor environment and the problems it presents.  Most importantly the competition integrates team members so that they can all contribute according to their individual abilities.

The Fieldfare Trust has been managing the Fieldfare Challenge for over 26 years and most of the lasting memories are of fun, friendships and personal growth the youngsters have gained from their participation.  These are essential ingredients of the whole project even though it is a serious and hard fought competition.  The Fieldfare Challenge provides equal access, not just to outdoor environments but to opportunities and experiences they can provide.the ropes game

Over 20, 000 children have experienced the Challenge since we started.  Participation has changed the lives of many, not only the children but also the hundreds of volunteers who help make the event a success.  For further information on the Fieldfare Challenge and how you can get involved as a school or as a volunteer please visit our new website

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