The Fieldfare Trust 100 Club Application Form

An Invitation to Join

The Fieldfare Trust’s 100 Club is a private lottery and is open to all supporters of Fieldfare and their family and friends. As a private lottery you have to be invited to join, you will be allocated a number and your tickets are not transferable.

You have to be 16 or over to join.

Every 3 months:

  • There will be a draw for 50% of the income. This amount is divided between 4 lucky winners

The fund is made up as follows :

  • For example, if we have 100 members the income for each quarter will be £500
  • 50% will be used as the prize fund e.g. £250 split into four prizes (£100 and 3 smaller prizes of £50)
  • You may buy more than one number per quarter
  • The more people who buy a subscription – the higher the prize money!
  • As soon as your money has registered, you will receive your number (1-100)


Complete the form below with your details, make your payment and you will be allocated a number. When you have filled out the registration, please tick your preferred method of payment. When you submit your form, you will be taken directly to a link for payment.

Name (Applicants must be over 16)




Quantity of numbers required

Each lottery number is £5 per quarter.

Total Payment


We would appreciate for people to split their payments in two if you are a UK taxpayer. We would be very grateful if you would consider paying half of your subscription via MyDonate, with gift aid. We are only able to accept half with gift aid as the other half of your subscription is for prize money. Full subscription can be paid via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer if you prefer, or if you are not a UK taxpayer.

Bank transfer details: Name: The Fieldfare Trust A/C: 65153691 Sort: 089299

Payment Method(s)

Please complete the security check below

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