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A Good Practice Guide to Countryside Access for Disabled People

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About the Good Practice Guide

Since its publication in 1997 nearly 3,000 copies of the 1st edition BT Countryside for All Good Practice guide have been distributed.

The Fieldfare Trust has now produced a new Countryside for All Good Practice Guide CD-ROM which has extended the scope of this CD by adding new sections. Additional information for countryside access managers is provided in new Guidelines on how to achieve least restrictive access, how to deliver accessible countryside path networks and how to survey and audit paths in relation to the needs of disabled people, Guidance on the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (now replaced by the Equality Act 2010)for countryside service providers is also provided.

The Accessibility Standards remain a bench mark for good practice in meeting the needs of disabled people seeking access to the countryside. The standards provide a way for countryside access managers to develop and manage accessible paths in all countryside environments. The guidelines can support good practice in a wide range of other services for disabled countryside visitors.

Contents of the Good Practice Guide


Scooter on Lomond Hills An introduction from Ian Ash, chair of the Countryside for All National Advisory Committee, details of the Guide changes and tips on using the CD-ROM

Accessibility Standards

Woodland at Claremont The nationally agreed standards for access for disabled people

Networking Guidelines

wheelchair user looking at interpretation board How to include disabled people in countryside planning and management activities, and how disabled people can get involved in countryside work

Information Guidelines

Viewpoint loking over Malvern Hills How to inform disabled people about countryside access, activities and programmes in ways that are relevant and accessible

Transport Guidelines

Wheelchair accessible transport Looking at the issues about how disabled people use transport to get out into the countryside and ways in which disabled people, people who provide countryside services, and those who provide transport can improve access for everybody

Interpretation Guidelines

Wheelchair users on guided walk How to develop and design interpretive facilities that are inclusive and accessible to disabled people

Events Management Guidelines

Countryside for All display Guidance on staging mainstream or targeted events which are fully accessible to disabled people

Information Sheets

Dimensions and design information to help you create Countryside for All

NEW!! Countryside Path Network Guidelines

Photo of country path Guidelines to assist you as a countryside access manager to make informed decisions about accessibility across countryside path networks.

NEW!! Least Restrictive Access Guidelines

Photo of lake Helping you to see the levels of accessibility that are acceptable for most disabled people

NEW!! Guidance on the Implications of the DDA 1995 (now replaced by the Equality Act 2010) on Countryside Service Providers

Photo of pond with ducks These guidelines examine the main aspects of the Code of Practice, Rights of Access, Good Facilities and Services (the Code) relating to Part III of the Act.

NEW!! Accessibility Survey and Access Audit Guidelines

photo of gradient levels and trundle wheel To help you to carry out survey and audits to enable you to know what level of accessibility already exists on your countryside paths

Key points about the CD edition include

  • There are links, thumbnails and bookmarks available to help you find your way around the Guide, from one section to another and relevant websites.
  • The contact details of many of the organisations mentioned in the texts have been updated.
  • Additional photographs to illustrate practical examples of countryside provision have been included.
  • The content of the Guide is derived from extensive practical work undertaken within the BT Countryside for All project between 1993 and 1997. Disabled people were involved in more than 30 local projects to help compile these sections. Additional consultation was undertaken through the BT Countryside for All National Advisory Group and with a wide range of local and national countryside and disability organisations.
  • The Information Sheets in the 1st edition provided technical information on the dimensions relevant to countryside access for disabled people, together with examples of various types of countryside furniture. The design examples have been omitted from the CD edition as there are now other guides available that give more detailed construction specifications for many kinds of countryside furniture
  • The copyright of all material in the Guide is held by the Fieldfare Trust. Copyright of the whole or any part of the CD by electronic or other means is an infringement of the copyright and may be subject to prosecution. No person or persons may copy the whole or parts of the CD without prior written permission of the Fieldfare Trust. The CD has been protected against text and graphic extraction but can be printed for the personal use of purchasers.


The following organisations welcome the approach of the Countryside for All Good Practice Guide and recognise its content as a valuable addition to the information and advice that is currently available on good practice on countryside access for disabled people.

RADAR logo Disability Action logo Mencap logo
RNIB logo Disability Wales Logo Arthritis care

Scottish Disability Equality Forum

These organisations also accept the BT Countryside for All Accessibility Standards as the basis for achieving good practice in the provision of countryside access for disabled people. The standards should be achieved wherever possible.

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