Countryside for All

Through the BT Countryside for All Project, Fieldfare supported the development of the National Advisory Group, which includes organisations representing people with disabilities, countryside service providers, national agencies and countryside user groups. This group ensures that good practice and new intiatives are promoted and that the needs of users are central to all project.

Fieldfare, under the guidance of this group and working with users, researched and developed Physical Accessibility Standards that meet the needs of users and provide a national standard for service providers.

These standards were published, along with information on networking, transport, information and interpretation etc, as part of the BT Countryside for All Good Practice Guide.

Fieldfare continues to undertake research and development of new guidelines for countryside service providers. In 2001 it produced a report for the Countryside Agency; ‘Increasing Access to the Wider Countryside’, and in 2002 it produces guidance for Scottish Natural Heritage ‘Planning for Accessible Core Path Networks’.

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