Advisory Services

Fieldfare can provide advice on all aspects of countryside service provision for disabled people; both for countryside users and providers.

Equality Legislation and Access for Disabled People

The Equality Act 2010 brought much of the disability legislation, previously covered by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), into a piece of legislation which has drawn many strands together.  The Equality Act has replaced the DDA; most of the DDA’s content is now part of the Equality Act however, the new legislation has made some changes to requirements for the inclusion of disabled people.

Fieldfare can assist in ensuring countryside and outdoor access services are appropriately incorporated in Equality Schemes and the new impact analyses which must be undertaken by public bodies where their policies and practices may impact on disabled people.  The DDA 2005 placed new duties on public bodies to promote equal opportunities for disable people, the Disability Equality Duty.

Fieldfare is also experienced in liaising with the disability community to ensure effective consultation is available to public bodies in developing new programmes and opportunities.

Physical Access is obviously an important issue for many disabled people and Fieldfare can help land and access managers to achieve appropriate accessibility across their networks. This can include developing paths to the Countryside for All Standards and achieving the least restrictive access where the standards cannot be met.

Legislation requires physical features to be removed or modified to provide access for disabled people.  Fieldfare can advise countryside access managers on what reasonable steps they can take to meet their duties.

Interpretive and Programme Access are also important if disabled people are to have equal opportunities to enjoy countryside experiences. Fieldfare has a wealth of experience in advising on the accessibility of visitor centre displays, on-site interpretive boards and leaflets and other visitor services.

Countryside events progammes, such as country fairs and guided walks, are services which can also be adapted to meet the needs and requirements of a wide range of disabled people. Fieldfare’s advice will help you reach more people and develop your audience.

Access to Information will help disabled people choose which countryside experiences they wish to enjoy. If you can provide the right sort of information in the right formats you will reach more disabled people and provide them with a better service. Fieldfare has a lot of experience in helping countryside managers to use information services to best effect.

Fieldfare’s Advisory Services are designed to meet the particular needs of the partners we work with. Projects we have undertaken include:

  • physical access audits on countryside sites
  • planning and promoting accessible countryside event to disabled people
  • preparing interpretive leaflets, display boards and guided walks for people with sensory impairments
  • ensuring countryside service compliance with the current and forthcoming legislation including the Equality Act
  • helping to produce an effective access policy, strategy or an inclusive core path network plan.

Other services we provide:

  • Project Support
  • Access Audits and GIS Surveys
  • Funding advice & Support
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Training

Please Contact Us for more information on how we can help you meet your needs.

Customer Comment about Fieldfare’s services:

“They do an excellent job of raising the issues relating to improving accessibility as well as providing high quality advice and information … staff went away with a much better awareness of the problems that can be encountered and an enthusiasm to ensure that positive improvements are made.”
Nick Osborne, Principal Countryside Officer, Lancashire County Council

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